Trade Editorial Internship

The Charlesbridge trade editorial department offers unpaid editorial internships. We select one each season (Spring, Summer, Fall).

While you’re here, you’ll assist the editorial team, reading and evaluating unsolicited manuscripts, writing rejection letters, sorting and filing illustration samples, and providing clerical support for the department, including copyright and catalog-in-publication submissions to the Library of Congress. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and computer experience is a plus.

We strive to demonstrate how a picture book is made, from initial submission to publication. We’re a small department, and we rely on our interns a great deal. You’ll get a good amount of experience in a short time.

If you’re interested, please send a resume and cover letter. You may submit either by mail or email, but email is preferred.

Karen Boss Editor Charlesbridge 85 Main Street Watertown, MA 02472

Please send resume and cover letter by the following times for full consideration: • early November for Spring internships • by mid-March for Summer internships • by early August for Fall internships.

We ask editorial interns to commit to approximately 8-15 hours/week.