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Cool Crosswords for Kids

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By: Sam Bellotto, Jr.

74 of the best crosswords ever, just for kids!

What’s lots of fun—and brain-building too? Crosswords! Kids love to solve puzzles, and while they’re enjoying themselves, they’re also improving language skills, logical reasoning, and even their knowledge of the world. This cool collection has real child-appeal with irresistible themes that range from “Back to School” to “Dino Delight” to “Sports Fans.” The clues are just hard enough to give young solvers a good challenge without leaving them frustrated. For example, “Scaly Tales” has questions about lizards, dragons, and swamp-dwelling reptiles, while “Wiz Kids” is perfect for Harry Potter fans, and “Hit Toons” asks about animated favorites.

Of course, the solution to every crossword is included, just in case they get stumped.

Author Bio:

Sam Bellotto, Jr., author

Sam Bellotto, Jr. has been making puzzles professionally since 1979 in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. Today he contributes regularly to all the major crossword puzzle markets, including The New York Times, and also does a weekly crossword feature for high-profile newspapers and magazines.

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ISBN: 978-1-93614-088-6

Ages: 8-12
Page count: 96
5 3/8 x 8 1/4

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