T.A.I Mathematics Classroom Set - Resource Room

T.A.I Mathematics Classroom Set - Resource Room

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Each Classroom Set includes a grade-level appropriate assortment of re-usable student books (sufficient for up to 30 students), as well as all the support materials for teaching and managing the program.


Resource Room Classroom Set includes:

Student Books:
M001 Advanced Addition (5)
M002 Advanced Subtraction (5)
M003 Introduction to Multiplication (5)
M004 Introduction to Division (5)
M005 Advanced Multiplication (5)
M006 Introduction to Fractions (5)
M007 Advanced Division (5)
M008 Intermediate Fractions (1)
M009 Introduction to Decimals (1)
M010 Advanced Fractions (1)

Support Materials:
M051 Teacher Resource Book (1)
M052 Test Book (2)
M053 Test Answer Book (1)
M054 Review Units Book (1)
M055 Implementation Guide (1)


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