Problem Solving Connections - Grade 4

Problem Solving Connections - Grade 4

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Model the strategies that are essential for solving challenging process problems.

Help all of your students develop the fundamental strategies that good problem solvers need. Problem Solving Connections raises student math scores with systematic problem solving strategies and models each strategy with easy-to-implement techniques. Clear explanations in each lesson minimize teacher preparation time, while practice in "explaining the solution" prepares students for newer assessments.


Units covered in Grade 4 - Blue Level

Operational Skills: Addition, Subtraction, Numeration, Multiplication

1. Supporting Strategies
2. Draw a Picture
3. Make a List, Table, or Chart
4. Look for a Pattern
5. Guess and Check
6. Use Logical Reasoning


Pricing Overview

Classroom Sets include 1 Teacher Manual and 30 Student Books.

Student Books: each unit focuses on one problem solving strategy, and systematically introduce, model, and expand student abilities to use each strategy.

Teacher Manuals are designed for both teacher generalists and math specialists, offering classroom-tested lesson plans for teaching each strategy.


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