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Animal Snacks

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By: Dawn Cusick

More than 250 animals enjoying their favorite treats.

Dazzling four-color photographs show iguanas eating cactus, turtles eating sea anemones, fish eating crabs, crabs eating coral, snails eating frog eggs, plus dozens of surprise meals. Think all birds eat the same food? Think again. Birds eat seeds, nectar, fruit, snakes, fish, small mammals, insects, crabs, carrion, and even other birds.

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Dawn Cusick, author

Dawn Cusick enjoys making science education fun for both kids and adults. Dawn writes award-winning children's nature nonfiction books. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, a certificate of post-Baccalaureate Major in Biology from the University of North Carolina-Asheville, and a Masters of Science in Biology from Western Carolina University.

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Editorial Reviews:

Ithaca's Child, Spring 2013

This is not a cookbook for preparing snacks for your pets; it's a book about the diversity of things animals eat. From birds to snakes to jellyfish to moose, Dawn Cusick describes the diets of creatures from all over the animal kingdom. Each page is loaded with color photos depicting iguanas eating cactus, turtles eating sea anemones, fish eating crabs, crabs eating coral, snails eating frog eggs... and more.

Think all birds eat the same thing? They don't. Hummingbirds like sweets, finches prefer seeds, bluebird nestlings feast on grubs and gulls go for the seafood buffet. Squid go for shrimp, geckos dine on grasshoppers and badgers eat just about anything.

Cusick introduces the book with a brief explanation of food chains, defines such terms as "producer" and "consumer," and notes that prey animals often have adaptations to avoid being eaten. Then she provides a smorgasbord of delectable photos accompanied by minimal text. This book will have your young nature lovers browsing, grazing, and coming back for second helpings—and may even entice your reluctant readers into turning the pages.

Yellow Brick Road, January/February 2013

Spectacular photographs and vivid descriptions of animals eating their favorite foods provide new information (snails eat frog eggs), as well as highlight the diverse habits of all kinds of creatures.


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Ages: 6-10
Page count: 96
8 x 8

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