Baby Animals Take a Bath

Baby Animals Take a Bath

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By: Marsha Diane Arnold / Illustrated by: Phyllis Tildes

Baby animals make a splash in this infant and toddler-friendly introduction to bath time.

Some baby animals bathe in the snow, while others scrub down in the dirt or mud. Discover how a polar bear cub, tiger cub, elephant calf, and five more animal friends clean up in this charming collection. A surprise ending features a human baby in the bathtub.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Marsha Diane Arnold, author

Marsha Diane Arnold is the author of Lost. Found. (Roaring Brook) and Heart of a Tiger (Dial Books for Young Readers). She lives in Alva, Florida.

Phyllis Tildes, illustrator

Phyllis Tildes is the author and illustrator of Baby Animals Black and White and Animals in Camouflage. She lives in Savannah, Georgia.

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Editorial Reviews:

Publishers Weekly

Arnold and Tildes showcase eight young animals getting clean in distinctive ways. The text is limited to punchy, two-word phrases ("Snow bath/Sun Bath/Steam bath/Puddle Bath"), and the animals are identified on the back cover. Framed in wavy-edged black border, Tildes's animal portraits reflect the animals' naturalistic behaviors—a zebra foal lolls in the dust, an elephant calf sprays itself with its trunk—while still ensuring they look as adorable as possible. A closing scene featuring a human baby mid-bath cements the connection between the way we get clean and the way animals do.

Kirkus Reviews

Two-word descriptions and realistic art depict the ways a variety of baby animals bathe. "Snow bath" shows a young polar-bear cub enjoying a roll in the snow; across the spread, a sea-lion pup snoozes on a sandy beach in a "sun bath". The book continues with a variety of bathing techniques, including "dust bath" (zebra foal), "mud bath" (hippopotamus calf), and "tongue bath" (tiger cub). Tildes' sunny paintings fill each page, with a squiggly black line as an informal border. The final double-page spread reveals a white infant with brown hair and brown eyes in a baby bathtub receiving a "bubble bath!" The companion book, Baby Animals Take a Nap, follows the same formula to demonstrate how baby critters rest, often with a grown-up in close proximity. The title ends with a white baby peacefully snoozing in the crook of a grown-up's arm, likely the babe's father. Both offerings list the animals depicted in order of appearance in the book on the back cover. While the imagery in both may skew to the adorable, the information it presents is solid. This is developmentally appropriate nonfiction for the youngest animal lovers.


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ISBN: 978-1-58089-538-5

Ages: 0-3
Page count: 10
7 x 7

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